Criminal Law
When charged with a crime that can result in you going to jail, your life quickly can become difficult.  C. Michael Walls, Attorney at Law, has represented individuals charged with murder, robbery, burglary, assault, theft and other crimes for almost 30 years.  He can assist you in these challenging times.

Drunk Driving
It is easy to find yourself behind the wheel of an automobile after having too much to drink.  C. Michael Walls, Attorney at Law, can help you through the legal maze of administrative sanctions at the Motor Vehicle Administration and the potential legal sanctions in court.

Drug Cases

Whether you have been indicted for felony drug distribution or are facing a misdemeanor CDS possession charge, C. Michael Walls, Attorney at Law, can help.  He can assist in challenging the evidence that state intends to use against you and investigate the legality of your arrest.  He also can help get treatment for any addiction issues that may apply in your case.

Traffic Tickets
Generally, any traffic tickets issued in the State of Maryland carries a potential fine of up to $500.  If your live here in Maryland, you also can get points assessed on your driving record.  If you live out-of-state, you have to travel back to Maryland to challenge the case against you and you may face administrative sanctions against your driver's license in your home state.  C. Michael Walls, Attorney at Law, can appear in court on your behalf and help you get the solution you deserve. 

Personal Injury/ Medical Malpractice
If you are jury as a result of someone else's negligence in, for example, a car accident or a fall in a public place, C. Michael Walls, Attorney at Law, can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.  If you are faced with challenges as a result of medical malpractice, he also can help you.

 Other Legal Issues
 We will gladly assist you in getting representation in cases regarding:
 Estates and Trusts 
 Business law
 Commercial litigation
 Bankruptcy law
 Family law

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